Reliance Power Share Price NSE India 2024

This article will explain the Reliance Power share price NSE India, covering its previous five-year performance and providing future predictions. We will also delve into expert predictions on Reliance Power share price targets. If you want to know the details, you can read the full article.

Reliance Power Share Price NSE India

Reliance Power Share Price NSE India

The current price of Reliance Power is 22.60 rupees, and this price fluctuates due to various reasons. The company’s 52-week low is 9 rupees, and the 52-week high is 25.20 rupees. The company was listed on February 10, 2008, with a valuation of 500 rupees. Since then, the company has experienced a significant decline, currently standing at 95.52%.

However, over the past three years, the company has shown a substantial increase of about 529%. The company operates in the power sector, covering coal, oil, solar, and wind energy. The current operational power generation capacity is about 6000 megawatts, and the company operates both in India and internationally.

The future of the company lies in renewable energy, and the company has demonstrated its commitment to this goal. While I am not a financial advisor, experts suggest that the company has a bright future and is expected to achieve new heights. According to their predictions, the company is anticipated to surpass its listing price by 2030. 

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Future Prediction of Reliance Power

In the future prediction of Reliance Power, we will discuss the Reliance Power share price targets for 2025 as well as 2030.

Reliance Power Share Price Target 2025

Reliance Power shares have grown by 70% from 2022 to December 2023, which is a very positive sign. The company is performing well in the energy sector, and with the increasing demand for renewable energy and government support for the green energy sector, it is anticipated that in the upcoming years, such as 2024 and 2025, the shares will experience a further increase of about 150%.

The expected share price range during these upcoming two years is projected to be between 60 to 70 rupees.

Reliance Power Share Price Target 2030

In 2030, Reliance Power is expected to compete with various energy sector companies, including Tata Power, Adani Power, and others. The company will have a stronger focus on the renewable sector.

Considering the company’s fundamentals and past performance, expert predictions suggest that the company is poised for significant growth, providing investors with returns ranging from 400% to 650%. The anticipated share price is expected to fall within the range of 200 to 250 rupees or even higher. If these predictions hold true, investors could realize substantial returns from the current price.

placeholder Reliance Power Share Price NSE India 2024

Reliance Power

Company Fundamental:- Reliance Power Share Price NSE India

Market Cap (Crore)₹8545.00
P/E Ratio (TTM)0.00
P/B Ratio0.67
Industry P/E19.58
Debt to Equity1.60
EPS (TTM)-₹1.32
Dividend Yield0.00%
Book Value₹33.66
Face Value₹10.00

Company Financials : Reliance Power Share Price NSE India

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The company’s financial performance has seen a decrease from 2019, where it was 8,534 crores, to 7,883 crores in 2023. However, over the past three years, the company’s share price has consistently increased. It indicates that the company is actively working on improving its fundamentals.

The company’s net profit has been fluctuating annually. In 2019, there was a loss of 2,913 crores, while in 2022, it reached 4,255 crores. Notably, in 2021, the company showed positive growth, achieving a profit of 427 crores. Unfortunately, in 2022, there was a loss of 923 crores, followed by another loss of 361 crores in 2023.

Reliance Power Share Price History



Reliance Power’s share price has a history, starting from the list price of 500 rupees and currently standing at approximately 22.60 rupees.

Note: The provided Reliance Power prices are 100% accurate, and they represent values from its listing to the present. The given prices for each year are for the months between January and March.

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Reliance Power Share Price Target 2024

Reliance’s share price target for 2024 is projected to increase by 7% per month. By the end of 2024, the overall increase is expected to be 70%, resulting in a share price ranging from 35 to 43.

Is Reliance Power a Good Buy for Long Term

Yes, the shares of Reliance Power have grown from 3.50 rupees in December 2020 to the current value of 20.60, representing a remarkable increase of 533%. This margin is substantial, and investors who entered in 2020 have gained a return of 533%. Reliance Power shares were initially listed at 500 rupees, so there’s a possibility that, in the upcoming years, the stock may reach this margin again. If you stay invested for the long term, the company has the potential to provide significant returns.

Note: The decision to invest ultimately rests with you. I can only provide predictions and expert opinions.


FAQs:- Reliance Power Share Price NSE India

Q: Who is the Owner of Reliance Power?

Anil Ambani is the brother of Mukesh Ambani and the son of Dhirubhai Ambani. Reliance Power is owned by Anil Ambani, and the company is engaged in the power generation sector, including coal, oil, solar, and wind.

Q: Why Reliance Power Share is Falling?

Reliance Power share is falling because Reliance Power, also known as R Power, has officially exited insolvency. In 2010, Reliance Natural Resources had taken a loan from Dewan Housing Finance. In 2021, Piramal Housing and Finance acquired Dewan Housing. Piramal Housing and Finance and Reliance Power reached a settlement on November 16, and R Power has officially exited insolvency.

Q: Why Reliance Power Share is Going up?

Reliance Power Share is going up because because the company operates in the energy sector and is also engaged in the renewable energy sector, which is the future in the upcoming years.

Q: Is Reliance Power owned by Mukesh Ambani?

No, Reliance Power is not owned by Mukesh Ambani; instead, his brother Anil Ambani owns Reliance Power.

Q: Current Price of Reliance Power?

The current share price of Reliance Power is 22.60 rupees. The share price fluctuates a lot. If you want to see the real-time share price of Reliance Power, click here.

Conclusion : Reliance Power Share Price NSE India

Reliance Power was listed in 2008, and the shares fell significantly from their listing price, growing very slowly. However, in recent times, the shares have performed well, providing good returns to investors. Shares like these involve a lot of risk, and if you are considering an investment in this share, it’s advisable to consult with your personal financial advisor.

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