RBZ Jewellers Share Price Today

The current share price of RBZ Jewellers is 95 to 100  today, reflecting a gain from its listing price. The company is a prominent player in the field, specializing in antique gold jewelry. With 15 years of experience, the company is actively engaged in both the retail and wholesale markets.

RBZ Jewellers Share Price Today

RBZ Jewellers IPO Details

Bidding Date Minimum Investment Lot Size Price Range Issue Size IPO Doc
19 to 21 Dec 2023 14250 150 95 to 100 100 crore RHP PDF
Parent Organization Founded Managing Director
RBZ Jewellers Limited 2008 Mr. Rajendrakumar Kantilal Zaveri

Financial Performance of RBZ Jewellers

Year Revenue (in Crore) Total Assets (in Crore) Profits (in Crore)
2021 289 124 9.75
2022 252 154 14.40
2023 288 207 22.33

The return on equity and return on capital employed both stand at 27.49%, signaling a positive outlook for the company. However, the company carries a substantial amount of debt, resulting in a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.025. The price-to-earnings (PE) ratio is 13.77, which is considered inexpensive when compared to industry standards.

The company’s business model and finances are stable, with a loyal customer base. According to experts, the company is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13% in the upcoming years, contributing to its overall strength.

However, being engaged in the manufacturing sector implies a slower growth trajectory. Nonetheless, holding onto the investment for the long term is likely to yield favorable returns.

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Strengths of RBZ Jewellers

RBZ Jewellers distributes antique designs to retailers and holds a noteworthy 1 percent share in organized wholesales in India.

Despite the rise in gold prices, RBZ Jewellers experienced a 12.44 percent increase in volume in 2023. The company is a robust player, fostering strong relationships with industry leaders such as Titan, Joyalukkas, Malabar Gold Private Limited, etc.

Weakness of RBZ Jewellers

The company depends on the sale of gold and unsecured loans, which amount to about 332.38 lakhs from promoters, the promoter group, and other companies.

RBZ Jewellers Share Price Target 2024

RBZ Jewellers is a major player in antique gold design and manufacturing. The company was established many years ago and has created products for Titans and other reputable companies in India. After listing, the share price is expected to experience a significant jump, with an anticipated 15% return in the first week.

Additionally, in the year 2024, the shares are expected to provide a return ranging from 70% to 75%. However, conducting thorough research and seeking advice from financial advisors is essential.

About JBZ Jewellers

Business Model

The company sells its products through retail and wholesale channels and is renowned for its antique gold jewelry. This type of jewelry represents the historical culture of India. The antique jewelry includes various types such as antique gold jewelry, kundan, temple, and bridal.

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They supply their jewelry to national retailers, regional, and local family jewelers in 20 states and 72 cities in India.

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Considering the revenue, antique gold jewelry contributes 75.32%, gold jewelry collects about 14.67% of the revenue, diamond jewelry contributes 9.15%, and silver jewelry contributes 0.86%. The company’s main focus is on antique gold jewelry, which takes a considerable amount of time. While wholesale does not generate significant revenue, retail is more lucrative.

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Customer Base And Service Area

RBZ Jewellers has a long-standing and trusted customer base that is still under contracts, and these customers are among the top reputed in the country, such as Titan and Senco. The top 10 clients alone contribute 18.62% of the revenue. In the Middle East, there is significant demand for antique jewelry, prompting the company to export its products to the Middle East. In the domestic sector, the company operates pan India, with its main markets in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

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FAQs:- RBZ Jewellers

Q: RBZ Jewellers Share Price?

The share price of RBZ Jewellers in the IPO is expected to be in the range of 95 to 100 rupees. It is anticipated to gain value after listing and is projected to soon surpass 110 rupees per share.

Q: RBZ Jewellers IPO Review?

To check the IPO review and company analysis of RBZ Jewellers, the best website for this is realstockcertificates.com. You can search or click the link.

Q: RBZ Jewellers Turnover?

The turnover of RBZ in the financial year is between 288 crore and 500 crore.

Q: Who is The Owner of RBZ?

The owner and managing director of RBZ is Mr. Rajendra Kumar Kantilal Zaveri.

Q: What is RBZ Jewellers?

RBZ Jewellers is an Indian antique jewelry manufacturing company situated in Ahmedabad. The company sells its products through retail and wholesale channels.


RBZ Jewellers is a prominent name in the antique gold, silver, and diamond jewelry industry over the years. They also manufacture products for big names like Titan and many more. Recently, the company announced its IPO, and the listing price is set to be between 95 to 100 rupees. The company’s financials and fundamentals are very good, which may attract many investors.

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