Femke Bol Breaks Second Indoor 400-Meter World Record

Femke Bol, a super fast runner from the Netherlands, had an amazing day on Saturday. She made history by setting a brand new world record in the indoor 400 meters at the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

At just 24 years old, Femke sprinted ahead on the final stretch and finished with an incredible time of 49.17 seconds. She left her fellow Dutch runner, Lieke Klaver, a whole second behind in second place. Femke was in the lead for the entire race, showing off her incredible speed and determination.

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Even though she didn’t come in first, Alexis Holmes from the USA did an awesome job too. She finished in third place with a personal best time of 50.25 seconds. It was a great day for all the runners, but Femke definitely stole the show with her record-breaking performance!

I knew I had to do really well in the race to win the gold medal. According to the Bol said that he knew he had to begin really quickly. Once you start fast, you have to keep going because you’ll get tired anyway. official Olympics website.

It’s amazing to set a new world record once again. I aimed to be one of the 49. My coaches believed in me, but my real dream was to win the gold.

This achievement cements Bol’s position as one of the top athletes in track and field as we approach the Paris Olympics, which are just around the corner.

She currently holds the world title in both the 400-meter hurdles and the 4×400-meter relay. She excels in both flat races and hurdles. She holds four out of the six fastest times in the event’s history and broke the 41-year-old world record in the indoor 400m last year.

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It’s amazing to see someone achieve so much in two different areas. Bol made history by being the first woman to win both the 400-meter and 400-meter hurdles at a big event in the 2022 European Championships.

After the race on Saturday, she said, “I feel really good about this because I haven’t practiced hurdles in four weeks. It gives me confidence and it’s also great for our team and the sport to have Lieke with me.”

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