Ayesha Curry is expecting her fourth child, filling a void in their family and bringing joy

Ayesha and Steph Curry have some exciting news to share! Ayesha, who is a famous cookbook author, is going to have another baby. She is pregnant with her fourth child, and her husband Steph Curry, who is a basketball star, is very happy about it too.

They announced this wonderful news in a magazine called Sweet July. Ayesha mentioned that they initially thought they were done having kids, but then they realized that someone was missing from their family. In the magazine, there are beautiful pictures of Ayesha showing off her baby bump.

She looks stunning in a white tank top and striped pants, and she also posed in a gorgeous orange dress while cradling her bump with one hand. It’s so exciting to see their family growing!

Ayesha and Steph have three kids: daughters Riley, 11, and Ryan, 8, and son Canon, 5. Steph recently talked about how he’s teaching his kids different sports at home. “Nothing too serious, especially for Canon since he’s only 5. He loves all sports, but he’s still a little kid with a short attention span.

” Steph added, “It’s about building their confidence and helping them find joy in everything they do. Kids these days shouldn’t feel too much pressure to be successful or compare themselves to others.”

He mentioned that he wants to ensure that they are enjoying themselves in all their activities. He explained that they face many challenges daily and feel a lot of pressure. Therefore, he is focused on making sure they have fun being kids and find happiness in everything they do.

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