Rivian R2, Release Date, Price, And All The Essential Information You Need To Know

Rivian as Rivian R2 has submitted an application to organize a global product launch event in Laguna Beach, California in March. It is anticipated that during this event, the company will reveal their highly anticipated R2 platform, which is expected to feature smaller and more affordable vehicles.

Rivian R2 Release Date

The highly anticipated Rivan R2S is set to make its grand debut in early 2024. While there has been some speculation about the exact date, Rivan has not confirmed whether it will be in the early months or later in the year. However, we do have some exciting news to share. 

There are whispers of a potential reveal date for the R2S on March 7, 2024, at the prestigious Rivian South Coast Theater in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling event.

Rivian R2 Name

The name “r2s” originates from Instagram and Rivian’s trademarks. Rivian has trademarked names like “r2t” and “r3s,” but they confirmed that the Next Generation will be called “r2s” on their Instagram account. In a picture shared on Instagram, it clearly states “r2s” as the name for their upcoming vehicle.

Rivian R2S Name

While the code name may change in the future, we currently refer to it as the “r2s.” The picture also reveals features like the interior, headlights of the R1, and flashlights, which are the main ideas behind the R2.

However, certain features like the camp speaker may not be necessary to maintain the desirability of the R1. Rivian aims to create a product for the masses, so keeping production simple makes sense. Let’s focus on making the R2 equally appealing with its own distinct features while leaving some exclusivity for the R1.

Rivian R2S Name

Rivian R2 Price

According to CFO Claire McDo, the price of the product will fall within the range of $40,000 to $60,000. However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean it will start at either $40,000 or $60,000. The actual MSRP price is expected to begin somewhere between $40,000 and $60,000, leaning more towards the lower end, possibly around $40,000.

The main objective of the R2 is to be significantly cheaper than the R1 model. Rest assured, we have confirmed that the price will be within this range.

Rivian R2S Price

Rivan R2 Adventure Network

Introducing KNX, the North American charging standard! It’s making waves in the electric vehicle industry, alongside Tesla’s supercharging network.

Rivan, for example, has its own reliable Rivan Adventure Network, which will soon incorporate KNX and CCS. This means more charging options and convenience for Rivan owners. By 2026, the R2 will be equipped with the North American charging standard, ensuring a robust charging infrastructure from the factory.

With KNX on the rise, the future of electric vehicle charging in North America looks promising. Get ready to embrace the convenience and reliability of KNX as the industry standard.

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New Rivian R2 Factory

Rivan’s new Factory in Social Circle, Georgia has completed land clearance and installation of plumbing and sewage systems. Cleco Construction will be responsible for constructing the Factory.

Initially, production will be 200,000 units per year until 2026, with plans to increase to 400,000 units in the future. The Factory will focus exclusively on manufacturing Rivan R2 (R2s). Achieving the goal of 400,000 units seems feasible, especially considering the price range of $40,000 to $60,000.

There may be a decrease in the starting price as production scales up. The R2S will be a midsize and more affordable vehicle compared to the R1T and R1S, as confirmed by Rivan. They aim to reduce costs while delivering exceptional performance, features, and capabilities.

Rivian R2: Global Markets AND Annual Production

Imagine Rivian’s factories in Normal, Illinois and Social Circle, Georgia operating at full capacity. The Normal factory currently has a capacity of 150,000 vehicles, with plans for potential upgrades to 200,000.

Out of this, 65,000 vehicles are allocated to the RCV line, which may require price adjustments to reach maximum capacity. The remaining 85,000 vehicles are dedicated to the R1 line, with potential for an additional 50,000 vehicles for a new model like the R1X.

The Social Circle factory has a maximum capacity of 400,000 vehicles, initially starting at 200,000 with all allocated to the R2 (R2S) model. It’s uncertain if this capacity will increase or if new models like the R3 line will be introduced.

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