Earn $27.44/hour Front Desk Agents: Work From Home

Front Desk Agents are important for making guests feel welcome and helping them throughout their stay. They do things like registering guests, managing reservations, and acting as the hotel’s main contact. They also handle check-ins and check-outs, making sure guests have a great experience.

Front Desk Agents aim to provide friendly and efficient service, taking care of tasks like settling bills and offering concierge services. Their goal is to make sure guests are happy from the moment they arrive until they leave, while also maximizing room revenue and occupancy.


– You need at least a high school diploma or something similar.
– Taking classes related to this job in college could also help.
– It’s better if you have experience working in a hotel or something similar.
– You should be a friendly person who likes helping others.
– Being able to do many things at once is important.
– Paying close attention to details is crucial.
– You must be good at solving problems quickly.
– Clear communication skills are important.
– Making decisions fast and accurately is crucial, especially when things get busy.
– Working well under pressure is necessary.
– You should be good at solving problems and dealing with conflicts at work.
– Listening well and understanding issues brought up by coworkers and guests is important.
– Basic math skills and working with money are necessary.
– Knowing how to use programs like Microsoft Office is important.


– Always be friendly when meeting guests and coworkers.
– Wear the right uniform and name tag to look neat.
– Come to work on time like you’re supposed to.
– Follow the hotel’s rules to keep everyone safe.
– Say hello warmly to guests at the Front Desk.
– Answer the phone nicely and quickly.
– Help guests with questions and messages politely.
– Tell guests about hotel services and hours.
– Tell guests about nearby restaurants, transportation, and fun things to do.
– Work well with your coworkers and other parts of the hotel.
– Know about prices, deals, and when the hotel is full.
– Get all the details right when booking rooms.
– Know what to do in emergencies.
– Check guests in and out with a smile.
– Understand how to use the computer at the Front Desk.
– Make sure guests get their mail and packages on time.
– Talk politely on the radio with coworkers.
– Bring guests things they need, like luggage or newspapers.
– Know about the hotel’s amenities and what’s happening nearby.
– Help out wherever you’re needed and keep things clean and safe.


In downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites. It’s a fancy place where you can relax and enjoy the city views. The hotel is famous for its beautiful lobby, which many people take pictures of. Whether you’re here for fun, work, or a special event, you’ll experience luxury. You can see the whole city from your room, explore lots of cool shops and restaurants, and use top-notch meeting spaces. It’s the biggest hotel for events in LA, like a whole mini-city inside the city.


We’re the best at managing hotels for other people around the world. We have lots of hotels – over 1,550 in all 50 states and 22 countries. We work with famous hotel brands, luxury places, resorts, and cool lifestyle hotels. Our team members love making guests happy and doing a great job. We have a culture where everyone is encouraged to do their best. Come join Aimbridge Hospitality and find lots of opportunities.


After you’ve been working full-time with us for a while, you’ll get some great benefits:

– Medical, dental, and vision coverage
– Disability income for short and long-term
– Life insurance and AD&D insurance
– Paid time off
– Employee Assistance Program
– 401k Retirement Plan

And now, we’re excited to offer Daily Pay! Just ask your Recruiter for more details.

Here’s what you’ll earn:

– Minimum pay: $15.50 per hour
– Mid-range pay: $18.60 per hour
– Maximum pay: $22.32 per hour.


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