Structured Loan Reviews: Ensure loan files align with company and agency guidelines for quality control.

Interact Efficiently: Collaborate with vendors and customers while maintaining professionalism and clarity.

Productivity & Quality: Meet productivity targets while upholding loan quality standards without compromise.

Thorough Document Review: Thorough document review for loan quality assurance Scrutinize loan application documents for accuracy and completeness.

Tech Savvy Skills: Utilize automated underwriting systems and designated tools effectively for precise calculations.

Fraud Detection: Identify and escalate any signs of fraud or misrepresentation in loan files promptly.

1. Communication Excellence: Exhibit strong verbal and written communication skills for effective team collaboration.

Career Growth Opportunities: Benefit from career advancement possibilities within a supportive work culture.

Comprehensive Benefits Package: Enjoy full benefits, generous paid time off, and a matching 401K plan.

Remote Flexibility: Embrace the convenience of remote work while contributing to loan quality assurance.