Honda takes on heavy EVs with the sleek Saloon and boxy Space-Hub, promising a lighter, smarter future for electric vehicles. 

Honda's approach to the Zero series: Thin, Light, and Wise. A new H-mark logo symbolizes their start-from-scratch engineering.

While big, heavy EVs dominate, Honda hints at a different path. How will they achieve weightlessness? The answer remains a mystery.

Honda, partnered with Sony for Afeela, introduces the Saloon. Is there a connection between Afeela and Honda Zero? The plot thickens.

Meet the Space-Hub, a minivan with a twist. A panoramic moonroof and autonomous-ready interior suggest a future where the journey is as exciting as the destination.

Honda promises both partially and fully autonomous driving. A retractable steering wheel hints at a toggle between human and robot driving, guided by Honda Sensing.

The Saloon, inspired by Formula 1, boasts a low, sporty shape. Tron-like accents inside create a futuristic vibe, promising a unique driving experience.

Honda Zero aims for sportiness, drawing from Formula 1 expertise. The use of e-Axles showcases a commitment to optimum battery efficiency.

Honda embraces AI-powered features, tailoring your driving experience based on preferences and suggesting routes based on location data.

Honda targets 30 new EVs by 2030, with ambitious goals for zero-emission sales by 2040 and carbon neutrality by 2050. Aiming high in the electric evolution.