Heart disease, although still a leading cause of death, has experienced an astonishing 60% decline since the 1950s

Thanks to advancements in diagnosis and treatment, the likelihood of succumbing to a heart attack has been reduced to just 1 in 8.5

Thanks to advancements in treatments and preventive measures, stroke rates have significantly decreased over time.

 The prevalence of smoking has significantly decreased since the mid-1960s, playing a vital role in promoting better heart health

It's alarming to know that almost half of the U.S. population is affected by some form of heart disease.

 Surprisingly, many individuals remain unaware of their high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease.

Despite the progress made, the age-adjusted death rate from heart disease actually increased in 2021.

Key statistics encompass the daily number of heart disease-related deaths, as well as the frequency of heart attacks and strokes

 Dr. Joseph Wu, the esteemed president of the AHA, emphasizes the importance of raising awareness and taking proactive prevention measures

Stay well-informed, prioritize your heart health, and make sure to take the necessary steps to prevent heart disease