On Tuesday, Hanuman Day 6 had a big success, making an outstanding 19.4 Crore worldwide, showing it's doing really well at the box office.

In Hindi, it earned 2.2 Crore (according to Trade), 2.6 Crore (according to Producers), and 0.17 Crore in Telugu. This success is seen in all languages.

In all of India, the total is now 12 Crore (according to Trade) or 14.6 Crore (according to Producers), showing that people all over the country are watching it.

Overall, Hanuman has made a huge impact, collecting 115.9 Crore worldwide. This is a big deal in the movie industry.

Breaking it down, on Day 5, it made 14.75 Crore (according to Trade) or 18 Crore (according to Producers), showing that the movie is consistently doing well.

Global Recognition: Overseas, Hanuman conquers with a remarkable 34.6 Crore gross, making its mark on the international stage.

Regional Triumph: In Andhra Pradesh/Telangana, the film achieves a commendable 48.5 Crore gross, capturing hearts beyond borders.

On the first day, the movie had a great start, making 8.9 Crore worldwide from paid previews. This set the stage for its success.

Day 2 to 4 Brilliance: Each day contributes to the film's glory, with escalating collections and the audience's unwavering enthusiasm.

Hanuman is not just a movie; it has become something big in our culture. It's leaving a lasting mark on movies and achieving important milestones at the box office.