Freezing temperatures in Chicago left Tesla enthusiasts stranded, highlighting the challenges of electric cars in winter.

Tesla's price reduction in China and Europe raised concerns and shook investor confidence in the electric vehicle giant.

The production cutback of Ford's F-150 Lightning added to the downward pressure on electric vehicle stocks.

Tesla's stock plummeted by 16% in January, potentially setting an unfavorable record for the company.

Chinese EV makers NIO, XPeng, and Li Auto experienced significant declines, with NIO shares dropping by 34% in January alone.

Rivian and Fisker witnessed substantial drops, contributing to an overall decrease of 34% and 55% respectively.

Downgrades, Ford's production cuts, VinFast Auto's disappointing deliveries, and Elon Musk's tweets all triggered investor sell-offs.

 Tesla's upcoming earnings report on Jan. 24 is highly anticipated, with analysts projecting a promising 73 cents earnings per share.

Technical analysis suggests Tesla stock is oversold, indicating a potential rebound as negative news has already been factored in.

 Katie Stockton, founder of Fairlead Strategies, identifies a support level for Tesla stock at $208.