Learn Free Google Project Management And Make $550 A Day

Learn Free Google Project Management And Make $550 A Day

Google Project Management – Learn how to make $550 a day using free Google programs and certificates. Work from home and learn one of the most wanted skills in the job market through Google’s free training courses.

These courses are made by Google experts, so they’re good quality and useful. Gain knowledge at your preferred speed and from any location across the globe. Find out where to learn these skills and where to use them right away to start making money online.

Google Project Management Certificate Course
Google Project Management Certificate Course

There are lots of job opportunities available. Being a project manager is important for every company’s success, and I have a solution to help you become one easily. Stay tuned to learn more.

Where To Apply For Google Project Management

You can type “” in the search bar or search for “grow with Google” on Google’s homepage. Then, you’ll see information about the learning program.

To explore training and tools, click “explore training and tools” at the top. Google doesn’t have project management as a filter option, so scroll to the bottom and click “load more” until you reach the end.

Explore Training And Tools

Then, use “control F” or “command F” to search for “project” and choose “Google project management certificate.” Click the arrow, and you’ll go to Google’s page for it.

Google Project Management Certificate

Google Project Management Course

seven-day free trial

The GPM Certificate is a comprehensive, free course that has been taken by over 1.1 million individuals. While there may be a cost associated with it if you don’t have a Coursera account, you can take advantage of a seven-day free trial.

over 80,000 reviews

The course has received over 80,000 reviews and has a rating of 4.9 stars. It is designed for beginners and offers flexibility in terms of pace and schedule. Graduates can expect an average annual salary of $77,000 in the US, with a high demand for project management professionals and positive career outcomes reported by 75% of graduates.

average annual salary

What Can You Do With The Skills You Acquire From This Program?

To make the most of this program, it is not necessary but highly recommended, that you seek employment. By obtaining this certificate, you significantly increase your chances of accessing a wider range of opportunities.

What Can You Do With It To Earn The Mentioned $500?

My suggestion is to utilize your skills as a side hustle, either through platforms or by launching your own project management services. Let me explain further.

A few months ago, I was involved in a project where we typically used Notion for all our tracking needs. However, for this particular project, we decided to use ClickUp.


Since none of the team members were familiar with ClickUp, we had to hire someone to set it up for us. Luckily, one of our business partners had a freelancer in mind, which saved us a significant amount of money.

Otherwise, it could have cost us up to $5,000. This example highlights the immense opportunity for you to apply your newly acquired project management skills, thanks to the Google certificate.


You can assist small businesses, NGOs, medium-sized companies, and even departments within larger organizations, provided they are open to working with contractors.

Your role would be to help them stay organized, and you can do so using various tools. However, it would be beneficial to also take specific courses or gain knowledge about the preferred tools used by certain companies.

While you have numerous options to explore, my recommendation would be to start with one tool, specialize in it, and then expand your expertise.

Free Training For Project Management

Free training options are available for various project management tools such as, Trello, and ClickUp. For instance, Asana provides a range of courses on, including online courses, recorded webinars, videos, and instructor-led live training.


These courses, most of which are free, can help you learn how to effectively use Asana for PM. Similarly, ClickUp offers free videos on, where you can watch on-demand demos.

Additionally, you can explore clickup University at to find specific courses tailored to your needs. Take advantage of these training resources to enhance your skills and knowledge in using these tools.

How To Make Money With Google Project Management

To make money, you can start by learning skills like PM using free programs and certificates from Google.


Once you’re proficient, you can offer your services as a freelancer or build your own agency. Platforms like Upwork or Fiverr are great places to find job opportunities. Despite some saying they’re oversaturated, there are still plenty of jobs available.


For example, on Upwork, if you search for “project management,” you’ll find various job listings, including hourly or fixed-price contracts. You can also productize your services and offer them on platforms like Fiverr, where many people are making good money. Simply create a profile and showcase your skills to start earning.

Productizing Your Services

Productizing your services means offering specific outcomes instead of just selling your time. For example, you could say, “I will set up your project in a tool like ClickUp or Trello for a set price.” This way, the client knows exactly what they’re getting and you focus on delivering results efficiently. Here are some examples from Fiverr:

project in a tool like ClickUp or Trello for a set price
set price

1. Someone offers to set up various tools like Asana, ClickUp, Trello, etc., starting from $20 for basic setup to $150 for advanced setups.

2. Another person specializes in ClickUp, offering services ranging from a $50 consultation call to a $400 premium setup with 10 hours of project management.

3. Another freelancer offers PM consulting for ClickUp starting at $230 for basic consulting to $600 for premium consulting.

4. An agency sets up ClickUp project management boards and automations, starting at $80 for a one-hour consultation to over $1000 for extensive setup and support.

These examples show how freelancers offer clear outcomes for a fixed price, giving clients confidence and ensuring efficient delivery.


How Much Is Google Project Management Professional Certificate?

The cost of the Google Project Management Certificate on Coursera is $49 per month, following a 7-day free trial. By dedicating less than 10 hours per week to part-time study, most learners can complete the certificate for under $300 USD.

How Long Does Google Project Management Certification Take?

The Google Project Management Certificate can be achieved within a timeframe of three to six months. Comprising of six courses, this certificate program requires approximately 240 hours to successfully complete all the courses.

What Is Google Project Management?

The Google Project Management Certificate is an online certification program that offers a flexible learning experience. This self-paced course equips individuals with the necessary skills to effectively manage projects for organizations of any scale. By combining comprehensive training and practical exercises, participants will learn the art of project planning, organization, and execution within specified timelines and budgets.

Google Project Management Salary?

Glassdoor reports that the projected annual compensation for a Project Manager at Google falls within the range of ₹16L to ₹46L. This comprehensive package encompasses the base salary as well as supplementary payments such as cash bonuses, stock options, commissions, profit sharing, and tips. On average, the base salary for a Project Manager at Google amounts to ₹29L per year.

Can I Get A Job With Google Project Management Certificate?

A Google Project Management Certificate increases job prospects and equips you with skills to lead projects in various industries. The final module involves applying knowledge to a real project. Upon completion, entry-level roles such as Junior Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Specialist, Google Ads Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, and Junior eCommerce Specialist can be pursued.

Where To Find Google Project Management Courses?

Google offers free project management courses on their Digital Garage website. The GPM Certificate is a comprehensive program with six courses that can be completed in three to six months. It is designed for individuals looking to start or advance their career in project management.

How To Add Google Project Management Certification On Resume?

Tips for including a Google Project Management certification on your resume:
– Create a separate section for certifications, mentioning the certification name, awarding body, and expiration year if applicable.
– List your credential as “Google Project Management Professional Certificate” on your CV.
– Provide additional details such as the awarding institution (Google), completion date, expiry date (if applicable), and relevant skills.
– Add a direct URL or hyperlink next to the certificate name for easy access.
– Mention your certification in the skills or qualifications section.

How To Get Google Project Management Certification For Free?

Google provides a range of certifications, both free and paid, to enhance professional skills. These certifications cover various fields such as IT support, Data Analytics, Project Management, UX Design, and Android Development.

Google Project Management Apprenticeship?

Google’s Project Management Apprenticeship is a two-year initiative designed for recent graduates who aspire to kickstart their professional journey in project management. Throughout the program, apprentices are required to dedicate themselves full-time, committing approximately 40 hours per week, to their designated office.

Google Project Management Certification Cost In India?

The Google Project Management Certificate can be obtained at no cost through the Google platform. Alternatively, it is also accessible on Coursera for a monthly subscription fee of INR 2,923.

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