real stock certificates com

real stock certificates com

November 22, 2011
by admin
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Certificate Protection

Unlike with some sellers, our stock certificates are protected in, and sent to you in, clear, semi-rigid holders designed especially for scripophily. They also are protected from heat. moisture and light while in our care. If you wish to purchase extra holders for certificates you already have, they are available on our Scripophily Supplies page.

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We recently adjusted our inventory system to no longer show out-of-stock items
If you see it, it should be available! specializes in collectible, truly antique stock certificates. That means that they are typically 100+ year old stock certificates and are of collectible quality and rarity. We believe that higher quality and scarcer collectibles of any kind tend to maintain their appeal and value better than common ones. Even our very old stock certificates are typically Very Fine or better condition and have extra quality features such as clean, unmarked vignettes. Our prices, however, are usually lower than you will find for equivalent certificates. All our certificates are authentic and guaranteed. This means our certificates are ideal for collecting and display and make wonderful, unique gifts. So please enjoy perusing our selection and we hope you find something you like. — LLC
Go to a product and click on “Extended Information” for some fascinating history of the stock, or go to “Scripophily Articles” for Scripophily Information and Research
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18__ Liberty Silk Company 1881 Germania Fire Insurance Company
Sale Price: $29.00
Sale Price: $39.00
18__ Liberty Silk Company 1881 Germania Fire Insurance Company
18__ Liberty Silk Company 105+ year old stock certificate. Unissued. New Jersey. Woman, children and silk moths vignette. Extra Fine. 1881 Germania Fire Insurance Company 125+ year old stock certificate. Issued and canceled. Chartered in 1859. Clean vignette. Very Fine+.
189_ Maricopa Mica Mining Company 187_ Santa Clara Valley Mill & Lumber Company
Sale Price: $28.00
Sale Price: $46.00
189_ Maricopa Mica Mining Company 187_ Santa Clara Mill & Lumber Company
189_ Maricopa Mica Mining Company 100+ year old stock certificate. Unissued and uncanceled. Three vignettes. Extra Fine condition 187_ Santa Clara Valley Mill & Lumber Company 125+ year old stock certificate. Very intricate vignette of lumber processing scene. Extrememly fine.
1897 The Boston Terminal Company bond 1928 Willys-Overland Company
Sale Price: $39.00
Sale Price: $119.00
1897 The Boston Terminal Company bond 1928 Willys-Overland Company
ca. 1897 The Boston Terminal Company. 100+ year old fifty year bond canceled in 1947-49. Large size and clean vignette. Very Fine+ condition. 1928 Willys-Overland Company. Issued but uncanceled. Rare early auto 75+ year old stock certificate. Hand signatures. Extremely Fine.
18__ Plymouth Rock Mining Co 1843 Transfer Slip of Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Rail Road Company
Sale Price: $35.00
Our Price: $8.95
Plymouth Rock Mining Co stock certificate 1843 Transfer Slip of Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Rail Road Company
18__ Plymouth Rock Mining Co 125+ year old stock certificate. Unissued and uncanceled. Four digit number. Extremely Fine. 1843 Stock Transfer Slip is 10″ X 4 1/2″. Lots of calligraphy-like writing and names from 165 years ago. Extra Fine.
187_ Cincinnati & Eastern Telegraph Company 1___ Black Bear-War Eagle Gold Mines
Sale Price: $42.00
Sale Price: $32.00
187_ Cincinnati & Eastern Telegraph Company stock certificate Black Bear-War Eagle Gold Mines stock certificates
187_ Cincinnati & Eastern Telegraph Company 130+ year old stock certificate. Nice clean vintage train passing telegraph lines vignette. Unissued and uncanceled. Extremely Fine. 1___ Black Bear-War Eagle Gold Mines stock certificates. Unissued and uncanceled. Great double vignette. Three digit number. Washington. Extremely Fine.

Good Notes To Read:
– If you have a collection, you should practice protection.™ See our Scripophily Supplies page for specially designed certificate holders and protective handling gloves.
© – All trademarked and copyrighted items are owned by their respective companies. All content of this site (including images, text and concepts) is ©Copyright LLC. Content may be used for private, non-commercial purposes only, except that Scripophily Articles may be distributed for any purpose as long as attribution information and links are included.
W – Wikipedia®, The Free Encyclopedia is a source for some of the historical background shown under the “Extended Information” tab on each certificate’s product page. It is an excellent beginning source for researching the company and stock details that make scripophily so fascinating.
!!! – IMPORTANT NOTICE: The antique stock certificates and other scripophily sold on this site have no intrinsic value and do not convey stock ownership of any kind to the purchaser or any other party. They are sold for collecting, displaying or gifting by those who appreciate the beauty, rarity, condition and historic significance of particular certificates.

Antique Old Stock Certificate Scripophily by LLC

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  • Most issued certificates show crease lines from having been folded (usually in thirds)
  • Hold your certificate to the light to see pin or staple holes that are not easily visible
New Products

Tuolumne Copper Mining Company
Sale Price: $24.00
1969 Pan American Sulpher Company
Sale Price: $6.00
1882 United States Internal Revenue
Sale Price: $23.00
1958 The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company
Sale Price: $29.00
1930 Union Wire Rope Corporation
Sale Price: $19.00

10 11 Reasons For Scripophily Growth
Scripophily is the collecting of financial documents such as bonds and stock certificates. Such documents, even from a century or more ago, have been preserved and collected by thousands of people who love them.
Though less well known than numismatics (coin collecting) or philately (stamp collecting), Scripophily is a growing pursuit for a number of reasons. Here are some of them:
1a.Added: ◊◊Because of government urging, cost savings and the common transference of stock ownership by electronic means, most companies already have stopped,or will stop, issuing physical stock certificates. Soon, if you want one, you will have to buy antique certificates.

1. Developed Marketplace

Scripophily is a well-developed area of the collectible world, with prominent collectors, dealers and industry associations to help people learn about the different certificates available and the companies behind them.

2. Variety

There are so many variables to each certificate that it is engrossing and downright fun to analyze, categorize and pursue them. You can always find a personal connection to some of them.

3. Historical Significance

Many certificates are legitimate antiques that were made, used and passed down by our ancestors. They were personalized and prized possessions of hard working ranchers, brave miners, steel tycoons, manufacturing innovators, brilliant inventors, oil drilling dreamers, and millions of others.

4. Aesthetics

Certificates generally have vignettes (intricate artwork, usually from etchings), ornate borders, elaborate calligraphy, company seals and a size (about the size of a sheet of paper) that makes them ideal for framing for display or as a gift.

5. Rarity

Though there are lots of bonds and stock certificates available to collectors, there are far fewer of them than there are of other financial collectibles such as coins, paper money or stamps. As a group, certificates are becoming rarer as fewer companies issue paper in this electronic age.

6. Affordability

Because this section of the “money” collectibles is not well known to the masses, most certificates, including very nice ones can be had for less than $100.

7. Collector Value

Though no one can predict the future, as with any collectible it is possible that some stock certificates may increase in value over time.

8. Ease of handling

Since certificates are essentially thick pieces of specialized printed paper, they are easy to store, ship, look at, and handle while keeping them protected in clear, flat sleeves.

9. Uniqueness

Every certificate is a unique document, sometimes similar to, but never exactly the same as any other. Just like people!


Certificates can be the perfect unexpected, yet personalized, gift for that hard-to-buy-for person. Someone whose first car was a Packard, for example, might get a kick out of receiving a stock certificate from the Packard Motor Car Company (and it is nearly impossible someone would give a duplicate of that gift).

The specific reasons for appreciating collectible antique stock certificates are as broad as the thousands of collectors. For you, browse and learn – you may secretly turn out to be one of them! LLC
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